Sunday, November 22, 2009

One for the guys

Sometimes I have to feel sorry for men.

Especially men with teenage daughters, wives and mothers. Imagine what a wondrous yet puzzling path a man who is surrounded by women must walk, it fair to boggles the mind I`m sure. Picking where one places their masculine foot along a trail laced with feminine thought patterns that even the most stalwart of males surely must cower from at times.

Imagine trying to comprehend the constantly changing moody footpath of a thirteen year old while ducking the limbs of a wife that hang down across the walkway, their sole purpose to knock his manly thinking cap astray at every possible opportunity. Add into the dangerous hike a mother whose boughs are much like his wife`s except that they carry the extra weight of ‘I carried you for nine months.’ It really is a wonder than men can keep their masculine thought berets in place at all along such a dangerous trail.

Poor Mr. Yodeling had his fair share this past weekend and I`m relatively sure his boots are still filled with the quagmire of womanly notions and teenaged giggles and sighs. His poor Red-Wings may never be free of the quicksand the man found himself in.

It began Friday night when after months and months of eager anticipation the movie ‘New Moon’ opened. I may have mentioned what a romance junkie I am in previous blog entries and it seems my daughter has inherited her mother`s love of courtship and long glances shared betwixt the hero and heroine.*Sighs*

My husband decided to accompany us, and his mother who also read all four books, to the movie`s premiere. Now keep in mind that I had given him ample warning since he didn’t` go along to see Twilight last year when we ladies did. Perhaps he thought I was kidding about the fervor surrounding the movies but when we pulled up and saw the line creeping around our small city block he began to see the light.

After waiting thirty minutes surrounded by anxious young ladies I could see the look of amusement mixed with a tinge of ‘What was I THINKING!?’ on his face. I think perhaps I may have enjoyed watching him and his masculine reactions to so many hyped teenage girls nearly as much as I enjoyed the movie itself.

At least he had the sense to NOT sit beside my daughter. Every time her hero Jacob Black appeared on screen my thigh or bicep was grabbed tightly in a near death grip the likes I haven`t seen since my own teen days and KISS would appear on Merv Griffin. (Please tell me someone else out there recalls Merv?)

The man has to be given his due though for he sat through the sighs and squeals of the packed theater with good grace and even commented on how he enjoyed the film as we drove home. That is when he could wedge a word into the diatribe Miss Yodeling was having about the heroine`s lack of common in sense in choosing a beau.

Saturday morning found him out in the woods at the crack of dawn searching for a wild turkey. Perchance he also needed a few hours to enjoy the silence before one of my daughters girlfriends came over to spend the day? After he got back he and I set into doing some of the weekend chores which included cleaning all the bird coops then getting hay for the goats. I kept his ear well bent all the while with various tidbits about the local gossip I had heard and various thoughts I had about what to buy for whom this Christmas.

My mother-in-law walked up with her dog for a visit as the two girl’s tee-heed and giggled about secret teen things. Through it all the man merely nodded at the appropriate times in the small gaps of conversation or replied when prompted by either his mother’s queries or mine about which side dish to have for Thanksgiving. Saturday evening we gathered around the television to catch a comic-hero cartoon show my daughter and I enjoy then we got to watch ‘Star Trek’ which I had leaped on at the video rental store. My geek factor is so obviously apparent at times even I have to snort at it.

As I write this entry on Sunday morning Mr. Yodeling is off helping some pals of his to haul firewood and I sent him off with my blessings since he had been waist-deep in estrogen and nerdism`s all weekend. He needed some guy time I`m thinking since his eyes were getting glassy by the time Kirk and Spock saved the world last night. So here`s a tip of my cap to men who muddle through surrounded by the women they love all day.

Hmmmm I wonder if this cap goes with my eyes…..Honey???


~Tonia said...

Lol I understand where you are coming from with this!! I feel for my husband too sometimes.. We have 3 girls(12,12 & 13) Sometimes I feel neglected when he runs and hides but really he is very good about it!!

houndstooth said...

Many poor men were dragged to the theatres this weekend to see that movie! There ought to be an award of some kind!