Thursday, October 22, 2009

Those Udderly Wonderful Goats!

Break out your platform shoes and your bell bottom pants!

The love train has pulled into the station! *Eyes coffee with growing suspicion* Okay, perhaps that`s a slight exaggeration but for two of our lovely caprine ladies that old…wait, did I say old? That classic (Much better choice of adjectives) O`Jay`s song was the tune of the day last Sunday.

Yes sir, it`s that time of the year for goat owners! That magical and mystical time when romance blooms between our stalwart bucks and our demure does. When we goat breeders lead our handsome men across the driveway with fanciful dreams of next spring`s ‘Best of Show’ doeling in our eyes.

As I type my Nubian buck Anakin is frolicking amid his bevy of beauties, his professions of undying love and devotion being sang for all to hear. Of course my daughter has two different breeds of goats, her Lamancha doe Bianca and her Sable doe Jennifer. Those two high-blooded ladies were the ticket holders for the love train that whisked them across our county for a rendezvous with two suitors of proper fitting and station.*Slides mug of coffee across table*I REALLY need to leave those romance novels alone.

The love train pulled into its final destination at my good friend Marcia`s huge barn. Marcia is the one who my daughter bought Jennifer and Bianca from initially. She runs, on average, 150 to 200 dairy goats which she also shows with great success in A.D.G.A. shows across the country. Her various breeds include Saanan`s, Sable`s, Lamancha`s and Nubian`s.

After arriving we old (darn it!) CLASSIC goat buddies have to shoot the breeze, snuzzle goat kids and have a cup or two of coffee as we peruse the candidate`s for our two special belles. It`s not an easy choice since each buck has things to offer in terms of his genetics and what my daughter is looking for to help improve conformation in the future offspring. It generally takes a while, and a few steaming cups of Folger`s, to make the final decision.

Once the choice of suitor`s is made then we lead the wide-eyed girls down the platform and get them settled into a pen of their own. Most generally the regal one`s don`t cotton well to having to mix with goats that they perceive to be of a lower station and some VERY unladylike butting of heads takes place.

We then leave the royal ones with Marcia so that she can play matchmaker when the time is right and the mood is proper. I`ll have to ask her if she supplies candles or strolling violinists.

This year the lucky bachelor`s that we three ladies decided upon are Halfsey-a great looking black and white Lamancha buck my daughter has bred to Bianca before with very nice results.

Jennifer`s paramour was GOING to be this handsome little sable buck but I received a phone call just yesterday from the caprine matchmaker, and apparently her exaltedness found the young lad to be lacking in courtly manners. Sooo I don`t have a picture of Solomon, the mature buck that Jennifer seemed to favor, to show you. I don`t fault her though, we women SHOULD be picky when it comes to who we bestow our affections upon!

So the love train sits idling at the station waiting for the return trip to ferry our mothers-to-be home and I suddenly feel disco fever coursing through my veins!

*Leaves blog entry to shake electric boogaloo*


~Tonia said...

Lol I had to read your description to my husband!! We just brought in the buck for our herd this year and have been umm Easily amused by the romantic efforts by him and the goat girls!! Good Luck!

Feral Female said...

Good luck to you as well Tonia! Thier antics are quite entertaining aren`t they? Better than a lot of shows on television at times. =)

houndstooth said...

Sounds like love was in the air, or at least pheromones!