Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Stellar Saturday night!

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars…

Ahem. Sorry, I must have been channeling `Old Blue Eyes there for a moment. Again I have to wonder if I`ve dated myself? I`ll see when my teenage daughter gets home from school. If she asks who `Old Blue Eyes is, then I`ll know. (Although I suspect I already know.) Actually that song has been playing in my head since last Saturday night. That and that snappy Austin Powers bossa nova inspired theme but we won`t go there.*Eyes coffee with suspicion again*

Saturday evening last we spent doing a family project. I do TRY to keep one weekend night set aside for family activities since even we rural goatherders seem to be busier than bees during the week. Living where we do there isn`t too much to pick from in terms of entertainment. We have one movie theatre in town but since Mr. Yodeling and I had gone just recently to the movies that option was out.

Luckily our family night project had arrived via the U.P.S. man on Friday. When I returned from grocery shopping I found a package on the front porch and immediately knew what it was! Since it was raining I hurried to get the large box inside, kindly declining Trinity`s offer of assistance. Inside was a telescope that my husband had chosen as his twentieth anniversary present from the foundry he works in.

A few weeks prior Mr. Yodeling had brought home a catalog filled with gift options. After we all discussed it he ordered the Tasco telescope for the family. We had always wanted one but honestly couldn`t afford the price tag so this was a gift we were all excited to receive! Mr. Yodeling got home close to dark after an unsuccessful afternoon in his tree stand archery hunting and we set into assembling the telescope.

Now usually I`m the ‘Designated Instruction Reader’ but since I was busy snapping pictures the role of instruction reader was passed to my daughter. Now I don`t think I`m going to reveal too much to any unmarried ladies who may read this. If I do then I apologize in advance but feel slightly vindicated to have passed information along to those who may need it. And single ladies, you will, trust me. You married gals will understand when I say that putting together anything with your husband is usually quite the adventure! (Are you gals with gold bands nodding in agreement? I thought you may be.)

All kidding aside the rather complex looking telescope went together rather quickly and with a minimum of muttered expletives. There were a few comments and technical terms that I overheard as I lingered in the background snapping away. Such as......



“Which end goes in who?”

“Are there two deals?”

I have to admit that my husband is FAR better at this kind of thing than I am. Heck, I`d still be trying to get the tripod together while mumbling vague and random things about hex nuts and washers if it had been left to me so a tip of my bonnet to Mr. Yodeling!

Once the telescope was together we donned fall jackets and carried the Tasco outside to give it a whirl. It was a crisp fall night and the skies were partly cloudy, but the moon was almost full. It took some finagling and fine tuning to get that old round moon in clearly. Our sable goat Jennifer moseyed out into the pasture, bleary eyed yet nosey enough to ask what we were doing. The other girls apparently couldn`t care less about what the domestics do in their free time and stayed in the barn snoozing.

The view we got of the moon was, well to put it in the vernacular of a hard-to-impress thirteen year old- ‘That is WICKED!’ And she was right, it was wicked! You could see huge craters on the moon’s surface which I assume had been caused by meteor strikes. It really was a very enjoyable and educational way to spend time together. Sadly we haven`t had the Tasco out since due to cloudy skies but as soon as we get a good clear night you can bet all three of us will be outside star gazing!

Of course the youngest member of our indoor animal brigade just HAD to prove that old adage about enjoying the box more than the gift itself.


houndstooth said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! I have NO idea what you mean by that instruction reading!

Feral Female said...

It was a fun evening! So you`re the D. I. R. in your home as well ey? =)