Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to whittle away a gray morning

There are quite a few ways to spend a cold, gray Saturday morning.

If you`re a dedicated hunter as Mr. Yodeling is, one way is to spend it in a tree stand with your bow by your side. I myself have been known to take to bow to woods but once the temperature drops below fifty so does my enthusiasm for archery. Since yesterday dawned with a lovely mixture of rain, snow and a tropic temperature of thirty-two I kept my rump home.

Another way is to do some of the housework that piles up with having a family, dogs and cats. You all know me well enough by now to know I turned a blind eye to THAT as I sipped my coffee while staring out at the heavy wet snow. The early winter system had deposited about four inches that had broken down trees, snapped branches and made a general quagmire out of our yard.

The farm critters were nowhere to be seen. Apparently our goats are made out of pure cane sugar and if one delicate flake should touch their exalted pelts they will melt like Dorothy Gale`s nemesis. Even the cows were in their coops, sticking their noses out only far enough to peek at the soggy, slippery pastures as they ruminated. The chickens were dashing from one bush to another, trying to mill about while not getting their feathers wet. The only ones who seemed to be enjoying the ugly weather were the geese who were bobbing for apple cores in brackish mud puddles in our driveway.

So my daughter and I decided to attend our small towns first annual Bookfest that was being held in the fireman`s building. Truthfully I had planned to attend before the bad weather had arrived but now I had an excuse for not cleaning up the spent impatiens and peonies! As they say a bad excuse is better than no excuse at all! We stopped to pick up my mother-in-law who is ALWAYS ready to gad about and off we went!

As an aspiring writer I was very excited to have the opportunity to talk with published writers in various genres while adding to my pile of books waiting to be read. The affair was a resounding success it appeared as we had to park a good stretch away from the annex. Seemed quite a few folks were in the same mind set we were! Inside were tables and tables piled high with books for a dollar. (I know!! What reader could pass THAT up!?)

Wisely we made the loop of author`s that were there first because I ended up talking to a wide variety of local writers about their chosen fields, publishing experience`s and struggles to get our words to the masses. I learned a great deal from all the author`s who graciously took the time to answer my slew of questions and thank them all! My daughter found a book that seemed to grab her attention titled ‘Gaia Girls’ which was written by a wonderfully outgoing and pleasant woman named Lee Welles. Ms. Welles was kind enough to sign my daughter`s book and pose for this picture with her stuffed otter!

After the meet and greets with the author`s we meandered about filling our arms with used tomes. I added a Stephen King novel to my ‘to-be-read’ stack, as well as another romance. (Those romances are as addictive as Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies I swear!) There was also a compilation of short stories about inspirational women that leaped into my arms. Such agile things books are! Much to my surprise there was a sign-up sheet beside the register for a writers group that`s forming at our local library so I added my name to the list.

All in all a much better way to spend a gray dismal morning than cleaning, at least in this goatherder`s opinion!


houndstooth said...

What a wonderful event! That sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning to me and it sounds like time very well spent!

Feral Female said...

It surely was a win-win-win for all involved!