Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Purrs & Wags!

Have any of you ever heard of the Really Rural Doggie Scouts?

Me either, but I`m pretty sure there must be such a canine organization and our lab Trinity is working diligently towards getting her merit badge in helpfulness.

I keep searching her cache (which is located at the end of the kitchen table) for a beret or a sash or perhaps a Really Rural Doggie Scout handbook to verify my suspicions. So far this month I`ve only found shoes, socks, slippers, tennis balls, calf bottles, Lu-Lu the kitten`s aluminum foil balls, boxes of Splenda, hubby`s lunch pail, chore boots, gloves, my watering can, a soggy picture of Taylor Launter, retractable dog leashes, a brush used on fair goats and a variety of sticks from the woods on our acreage but no evidence of said covert scout troop.

I know! Maybe it`s a secret farm dog society and, as we speak, Tom Hanks is trying to decipher their canine code!?!? Okay, maybe that was just the caffeine talking but at this point I`m willing to try any scenario on for size to help explain her zest for servitude.

If she truly is applying herself to earning a merit badge I think she needs to peruse the Really Rural Doggie Scout manual a tad closer. For yes, it is indeed helpful to carry whatever may need carried for your people. And I for one am MOST grateful for her aid every Friday morning when I return from the grocery store and she assist`s in carrying in the groceries. (P.S.-If you find yourself with a dog striving for a helpfulness merit badge make sure you DO NOT leave the car door open on grocery day. Trust me on this one folks; your loaf of bread will never be the same.)

But keeping the things you carry in for your people and dropping them in your cache will not help in that quest for the elusive badge of helping. Least not as far as I can see when I have to drop down on hands and knees and fish the items out of the cache while being kissed boisterously on the face by an over-zealous doggie scout with plastic wrap breath.

So in closing if any of you come across something that would help me unearth this clandestine canine scout group and ensure Trinity receives her helpfulness merit badge I would be eternally grateful. My knees, and my wheat bread, thank you in advance.


houndstooth4 said...

Awww! She's a collector! Very cute pictures!

Martha Ann said...

I miss having labs. The last one I had lived 16 years. He had puppies in his brain until he was about 3-years-old and then he became so responsible and nanny-like that we described him as a "man in a dog suit."

Feral Female said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Must be 'puppy brain' is a common condition for Labs. Our girl Trinity is 6 and still gets squirrly over a fond look!

Life With Dogs said...

My first visit, and I want to steal your dog already. :) I'll settle for distant admiration. You are funny!

Feral Female said...

Thanks Life With Dogs, but the humor factor has to go to the animals. I`m just lucky enough to live with them all and report thier antics!