Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goatherding Geekiness!!

Yes folks you did read the header correctly.

Pull out a chair and have a cuppa and I`ll explain. Now I know most of you who have been reading along are sipping from your Nubian goat mug full of Maxwell House and wondering how a yodeling goatherder as cool and utterly Fonzie-like as I am could be geeky. (Did I just date myself with the Fonzie reference?) While true I am a pretty radical cool woman there is a side of me that I will now expose to you, prepare yourselves for the truth about Feral Female. I`m a comic geek.

There, the truth is out and I feel invigorated! Mayhap that`s the Maxwell House but why quibble invigoration sources? If anyone has peeked at my profile you`ll note I listed reading comics as one of the things I love to do. There is something about the fictional world of heroes and villains that has held me in its grip since the first time I ever laid eyes on Wolverine. Marvel comics are my hero-fix of choice and I do spend a goodly amount of time with my nose stuck in the latest releases of Ironman or Deadpool, two of my favorite comic men!

The only drawback of being a comic geek living in the hills of north central PA is that I have to have the nearest comic shop mail me my weekly pulls. Normally we make the hour long drive only once a year to the nearest comic shop for Free Comic Book Day. (That`s like the Super bowl for us comic fans! Free comics?! Saddle up the horse Pa we`re goin` to town!) But last Saturday was an exception to that rule since there was a new Marvel video game that we had preordered. While I`m confessing I may as well toss my video game love out into the light as well.

As I reflect for a moment I`m betting you all had a slim suspicion how nerdy I could be just by the names our farm animals have. Anakin, Auron, Wade, Weasel….all inspired by comics or video games or sci-fi flicks. Weird Al had my daughter and I in mind when he penned ‘White and Nerdy’ I am nearly certain! Mr. Yodeling doesn`t share our love of all things comic but he did go along with us on our ‘Geeky Saturday’ excursion. I have to wonder if he feared my face being in the latest issue of Invincible Ironman while driving may have nudged him some?

Our first stop was the mall where we ran, and I am not exaggerating, to the Game Stop to purchase our video game. A small scuffle ensued when both my daughter and I wanted to carry said game but I am the mother and have certain rights. After I won that round we did some shopping keeping an eye on the time so we could get to the comic shop as soon as possible. We did find some good swag while there though. My daughter got a spiffy New Moon t-shirt and I added a boffo new Wolverine VS. Deadpool shirt to my collection! I know it really is an addiction not unlike coffee, which reminds me I need a refill!

After we hit the shops we wanted, dragging my poor husband along while all he wanted was a sporting goods store, we piled into the car and made haste to the comic shop! The young fellow who owns the shop is about one of the nicest guys you`d ever want to meet. He always greets us with a smile and a sincere appreciation of the drive we make to visit his shop. I can spend hours there. That is not a lie. Kneeling on the floor, rifling through boxes and boxes of back issues as the smell of ink and clear plastic covers moves over me……

Sorry I drifted. Jared was more than happy to allow us to snap a few pictures of the inside of his shop which is a rather small one I`m sure compared to others but for my daughter and I it`s big enough to keep us happy! We`re easy to please farming comic fans.

Eventually my knees began to protest and my arms were beginning to buckle from the weight of Ironman, Captain America, Wolverine, The Avengers and of course Deadpool. Also I suspect Mr. Yodeling was beginning to worry if the trunk would hold all the Marvel paraphernalia we two ladies had accumulated on this spree. So giving Jared a hug and a promise that we goatherders would see him next May for Free Comic Book Day we set off for home.

The booty was considerable and my daughter and I have since spent far too much time playing the X-Box and reading comics. The goats can wait for just another minute or two can`t they? We have the world to save!!!


~Tonia said...

Thats to funny! I dont read the comics but I do enjoy the movies like X-men, Ironman and the others that have been made into movies!! Have fun with your game. To funny about who got to carry it out of the store! Free Comic Book day!! Free anything is good! Well almost anything!

houndstooth said...

I can picture the fight that ensued between the two of you all too well! I doubt it had as much to do with your maternal rights as it did with you yelling "Look, it's Jacob" and grabbing the bag and running!

Feral Female said...

*Snicker* Hound you know me TOO well!

We enjoy the movies a great deal too Tonia!