Monday, August 24, 2009

An Introduction....

I`ll be the first to admit I`ve put off this whole blogging thing for awhile because I didn`t think I had enough to say to keep one running, and that the life of one short farm woman really wouldn`t be all that exciting or entertaining. But after gentle nudges from friends (you know who you are) I`ve decided to try my hand at it.

So with coffee beside laptop I`ll begin with a short introduction to this blog. First off, I don`t yodel. Lord but I wish I could. My thirteen year old daughter would be thrilled beyond measure if I could add yodeling to the repertoire of things I can embarrass her with.

I do though breed and raise Nubian dairy goats so my link to Heidi is somewhat strong even without the yodeling. When my husband and I first bought our nearly twelve acres in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania we had a dream of a small hobby farm. Mayhap a nanny goat for fresh milk and a few chickens for fresh eggs.

Over the years it has grown to include WAY more than one old nanny goat. Oh. The ladies in the goat barn would remind me to mention that they prefer to be called does, not nannies. Yes, they really are that particular and snooty. We now have seven adult does and two handsome bucks who I hope to introduce you all to over the coming weeks and months with entries entitled-‘Those Udderly Wonderful Goats!’

We also became first time cattle owners this spring when a neighbor had twin polled Hereford calves and didn`t wish to keep both calves on the mother. Since our young lad was born on St. Patrick’s Day he was named Patty. (I`ve never been strong on snappy names or titles.)We may be adding another calf to the mix soon, I`ll keep you up to snuff on that if it happens. The snippets dealing with Patty and his ‘maybe’ brother will be called-‘Bovine Time!’

We share this parcel with a plethora of different kinds of birds. Tons and tons of bantam chickens which seem to spend more time sitting ON eggs than actually LAYING them. A flock of domestic turkeys, a gaggle of six geese and one duck who suffers from species confusion issues. I`ll explain about Wade the duck later since his list of oddities is kind of lengthy. The birds will have their own entries which I thought would be funny to call-‘That`s Fowl!’

To round out the mix we also have three dogs and two cats that keep us hopping inside the house when the outdoor critters decide to leave us be for a spell. The dogs are two Labrador retrievers and working bird-dogs. Well, one has retired due to bad hips, our old yeller gal named Poe. My daughter was three when we got her hence the Teletubby name. (Must be she inherited the weakness for snappy names from me, poor kid.)We also have a black lab named Trinity who is, like most labs, orally fixated and our most recent canine addition, a beagle named Tinker. He came to live with us when my father moved down to Texas recently. And yup, my dad named him that saying he wasn`t worth a Tinker`s dam! Do you see a pattern in name and title weakness too?

Also not to be forgotten, since she`s currently sleeping on my shoulder is our kitten Lu-Lu and our old, old, old, old cat named Susie but everyone calls her Bean. Quite the lot to keep track of isn`t it? You should see this place at dinner time! The dogs and cats will have their stories told in entries I decided to call-‘Purrs & Wags!’

I also hope to add some ‘Life on the farm’ type stories as we move along on this adventure, to help give anyone who ventures in a taste of what raising livestock and living on a small farm is like in this day and age.

So stop in and relax a spell. The coffee pot will always be on!

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houndstooth said...

I'm so glad you finally decided to give it a go!